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Security Cameras Ltd can provide a theft apprehension expert to work in your business for a given period. Eight hours per day on six consecutive days is usually enough to 'clean out' your business and make it a 'no go' zone. Thieves will be apprehended, held until police arrive and identified to management and staff. A charge sheet will be handed to police to assist a smooth flow of paperwork for them.

Apprehension is a serious exercise and is best carried out with no or minimal management involvement. It is a good strategy to allow all parties to believe that the exercise has been instigated by 'head office' or a 'state-wide crackdown’.

Charging a thief brings long term benefits to the business. When a policeman walks through the door to take away a thief, it sends a very strong message that this store will not tolerate theft.

Security Cameras Ltd will notify police prior to the exercise and expect them to act promptly to our requirements. Ongoing staff training during the apprehension program can be included.

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