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Security Cameras Ltd provide more than a staff training exercise. We provide an opportunity to introduce a new culture into your business, a culture of aware and professional staff.

Begin with shoplifting exercise
We 'steal' goods from your business. Of course staff are not made aware of the exercise.

Awareness and Initial Training
At a gathering of your staff, the centrepiece is a large table laden with the 'stolen' goods covered by a sheet. Once the audience has settled we throw off the sheet. This is usually a dramatic moment. Many find it incredible that one person could have taken so much within a short time period.

Security Cameras Ltd explain to the audience the process the 'thief' followed and why it was so easy. We also individually praise shop assistants who may have made it difficult for our operative. This point leads us into the next phase of our demonstration - Prevention Strategies. Often that particular shop assistant(s) was unwittingly following established preventative guidelines. She or he has usually come to that conclusion without prior training because it made sense or seemed the "obvious thing to do".

Prevention Strategies
Simple and effective strategies retailers can introduce to their shops the very next working day.

This session includes a short and informative video. Each staff member is given a Prevention Strategies handbook and training certificate.

Questions and Answers
The best answers are often best couched in short anecdotes from the operatives own experience. It is not unusual to find that some members of the audience who may have been hesitant about coming to the evening demonstration are among the last to leave.

You can expect staff to:

  • Offer more service to customers
  • Gain an appreciation that loss prevention is the responsibility of the individual
  • Take advantage of a new opportunity to see themselves as store professionals rather than assistants
  • An immediate reduction in staff theft

After the program, it is common for staff to approach senior management advising incidents of internal theft. This is a clear indication that the new culture is formulating.


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