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Security Cameras Ltd supplies the following closed circuit television (CCTV) camera styles:

Shinju Security CameraShinju

Shinju is a discreet and smart security camera, in a 50mm x 50mm case. High to extremely high resolution in various lens sizes. White or Pearl Made in Japan.



Convert security camera (prior to installation)Covert camera (prior to installation)

A range of lens size including ‘pinhole’. Properly installed it is almost impossible to detect. (See advice in website brochures regarding hidden cameras). Made in Japan.


Baxter Security CameraAcknowledged as among the most advanced of all ‘full body’ security cameras, Baxter is also the most compact in its field. Available in a range of models from NoGlare. Designed for poker machine rooms where glare from reflective surfaces overwhelms lesser security cameras to Sid (See in the Dark ). Made in Japan.



Cecelia Security CameraCecelia is an elegant in-ceiling security camera designed with clubs, restaurants and pharmacies in mind. Made in Japan.


Norfolk Security CameraNorfolk is an Australian designed new generation external housing protecting a world class Japanese security camera. Vandal resistant and tough to sneak up on it is used in prisons and threatening locales. Traditional external security cameras in shoebox housings make little sense. They can be approached from the rear to hook with a rope or to spray paint the viewing area. The new housings carry technology capable of superior recording in all conditions.


The Rock

The Rock Security CameraThe Rock is another tough member of the external security camera range. Made in Japan.




Pod Security CameraPod

Pod security cameras can be mounted flush to the ceiling or proud of it as displayed. Clubs, restaurants, pharmacies.


Danny Security CameraDanny is a traditional dome security camera with a difference. It’s record as the most reliable and confident dome camera is reflected in the longest standard proven warranty of all dome cameras. Ceiling or on wall bracket as pictured. Made in Japan.



Tri Hard Security CameraTri Hard

Tri Hard is also a member the new generation vandal resistant security cameras. It fits snugly into corners to survey the whole room. Kitchens and active areas. Made in Japan

Eagle Xternal Witness

  • Eagle Xternal Witness CCTV Security CameraVandal & Water Resistant "IP-68"
  • Low light, standard, or high resolution
  • Optional built-in Auto Iris Lens
  • B/W or Colour
  • Housing Made in Australia
  • Camera made in Japan
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • PCB in Polycarb Dome / Alloy Base Housing & Black Inner Cover
  • Dimensions in (mm) & Weight
  • 100 mm(ø) x 80 mm(H) - Approx. 400g
  • glass lens size options


Eagle Corner Power

  • Eagle Corner Power CCTV Security CameraVandal Resistant
  • Low light, standard, or high res
  • optional built-in auto iris
  • b/w or colour
  • Housing Made in Australia
  • camera made in Japan
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • PCB in cast alloy sphere & polycarb cover
  • Dimensions in (mm) & Weight
  • 110 mm(W) x 110 mm(H) x 110 mm(D) - Approx. 500g
  • glass lens size options




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